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Parafed Otago Charitable Trust Fund

The ParaFed Otago Charitable Trust Mission:


ParaFed Otago recognised that access to funding can be a barrier for many of its individual members to participate in their chosen activity, be it study, recreation, sport etc. and so established the ParaFed Otago Charitable Trust to assist individual members.


Purpose of the ParaFed Otago Charitable Trust:


To make grants from time to time from income generated on the Trust's investments to paraplegic and physically disabled people living within Otago to assist them in their rehabilitation or generally improve their enjoyment of life. The Grant takes the form of a loan in the first instance which is then gifted to the recipient once all criteria have been met.


Applications are usually considered in March and September with notification shortly thereafter.​​




Parafed Otago Charitable Trust requires as a condition of receiving a grant or funds, from the Trust, that members:

  • Agree to report back to The Trust on the funded activity in a timely manner, and also they promote ParaFed Otago in a positive light, while involved with the activity. The loan will be forgiven and become a grant when reports received.


  • The Applicant for the loan/grant must have been a financial member of ParaFed Otago for at least 2 years prior to the date of application and a current member at the time of application (attach a copy of membership receipt). 


  • The grant/loan must benefit a person (or persons) with physical disabilities.  


  • Loan/Grants are paid to the supplier by ParaFed Otago Charitable Trust. The Trust recognises in some cases, where funds have been successfully gained for specific activities, e.g. flights, registrations, equipment, etc., they may need to be paid prior to the activity in order for the activity to take place. In these instances, the Trust would pay such costs directly to the supplier upon receiving an account, or to an individual member, upon receiving a receipt as proof of payment made. These payments are loans in the first instance and if the Applicant fails to complete the purpose for which the payment is made then the Applicant will be required to make repayment. 


  • Retrospective funding will not normally be considered.


  • The Trust may specify conditions under which the funding is granted. These will be conveyed to the applicant for agreement, prior to funding being given, and until all the terms are met, the funding will be a Loan to the Applicant.


  • The Trustees will make the final decision on applications.


  • All applicants are to read these ‘Criteria for Funding’ prior to submitting their application and return a signed copy with their application.


  • If the application is successful then funds granted will be spent only on the purpose stated in this application and if not that funds received must be paid back in full to the Trust. 


  • If Funds received from the Trust turn out to be in excess of requirement then the amount of excess must be returned to the Trust. 


  • Copies of all receipts pertaining to the use of the funds must be given to the Trust within 3 months of the funds being spent along with a letter advising the Trust how they benefited from the grant. 


  • Failure to comply with the condition of this grant will forfeit the applicant’s right to apply for further assistance and any funding received must be repaid to the Trust along with any cost incurred by the Trust in recovering the funds.  


  • The Trust will make payment directly to the suppliers except in exceptional circumstances. 

Charitable Trust Criteria and Application

If you would like to know more or are wanting to apply, please contact Kelly Nooy, our Sport Development Officer at or 022 043 3768