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ParaFed Otago tries Smallbore Rifle Shooting

On May 10th 2017, Sophie, Mia and Kelsey tried out smallbore rifle shooting at the East Otago Smallbore Rifle Club. The girls were slightly nervous to get started but with a thorough safety explanation and constant support it put the girls at ease. The team at the EOSRC were very helpful and made sure the girls felt comfortable while shooting.

After the first round of 13 shots the girls were excited to find out how they went. There were some surprised faces of success and a lot of giggles. Overall, the girls did not do too bad for their first try but they wanted to get a better score the next round.

During the second round you could feel the competition increased as after each shot the girls were asking how they went. Their self motivation to bet their own scores was amazing to see. Once all 13 shot were taken the EOSRC team counted the scores. All the girls were successful at exceeding their previous score.

The girls started off nervous and apprehensive but left with smiles on their face with a sense of achievement. I would like to thank the amazing team at East Otago Smallbore Rifle Club who made this night possible.

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