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John Marrable Hall of Fame

“The fitter you are, the healthier you will be, and you will be able to live a happier life. “

ParaFed Otago would like to congratulate John Marrable for his appointment into the Australasian Martial Arts Hall of Fame, and the World Karate Union Hall of Fame.

John has always been an active person and after his accident this was not going to change. He became involved with athletics and swimming very soon after and in addition John started training in martial arts in 1975, and has been training ever since.

In 1977 John became a green belt in karate and represented New Zealand at the FESPIC Games in Parramatta Australia. He participated in track and field, and swimming, and he attained 4 Gold and 2 Silver medals in the swimming events.

Three years later in 1980, John completed a marathon in 4 hours and 14 mins. He also became a black belt and started teaching Karate 2-3 times weekly.

John has always loved the martial arts and he believes that the key to his success was his state of mind. He never doubted himself and knew he could do anything; it was a case of mind over matter. He spent hours visualising his moves, problem solving and overcoming all challenges.

When John first started Karate there weren’t many others participating in wheelchairs; potentially, only one or two in New Zealand. He believes the main contributor to this situation was people perception towards doing Martial Arts in a chair being too hard. John is living proof this is not at all the case.

John was graded to 6th degree black belt in2016 and has been widely recognised for his achievements and dedication to martial arts and sport. To be inducted into the Hall of Fame you need to be selected by other members already in the Hall of Fame, reflecting the high esteem John is held in by his peers. John is an outstanding role model for all of us.

We are proud to induct John Marrable as our first member of the ParaFed Otago Hall of Fame.

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