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Volunteer of the Month: Kirsty Gemmel

We are excited to announce our second Volunteer of the Month!! This month it is being awarded to Kirsty Gemmell for all the effort she has put into helping out with Wheelchair Rugby in recent months and the Adaptive Snow Sports programme over the years, we are extremely grateful for everything you do and we couldn’t do it without you!!

A little more from Kirsty;

How long have you been volunteering for ParaFed Otago?

This will be my third-year volunteering for ParaFed Otago.

What sports or activities have you been involved with?

I’ve mainly been involved with the adaptive skiing programs and wheelchair rugby. However, I have also helped out with other sports.

What do you love about working with ParaFed Otago and their members?

I love the atmosphere, everyone is so friendly and it’s so much fun! It’s so awesome to see the athletes improving and enjoying themselves.

What has been your own personal greatest achievement?

My own greatest personal achievement would be shooting a 10.1 at smallbore, oh and making it to Europe and back on my own without dying.

What are your sport and recreation passions?

My sport and recreational passions would be snowboarding, netball, waterskiing and probably most outdoor activities.

The most memorable moment while working for ParaFed Otago?

The most memorable moment with ParaFed Otago would be on one of the adaptive weekends when the volunteers formed a human giant slalom course for the athletes to ski down through. It was so much fun!

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