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Volunteer of the Month: Jason

We are excited to announce our third Volunteer of the Month!! This month it is being awarded to Jason Stewart! We would like so say a massive thank you to Jason for everything he has done for ParaFed Otago and we wish him the best for his future endeavours!!

A little more from Jason;

How long have you been volunteering for ParaFed Otago?

"I started volunteering last year with the Adaptive Snow Sports Program"

What sports or activities have you been involved with?

"I’ve been involved with Adaptive Snow Sports, Wheelchair Rugby, Wheelchair Basketball and Shooting"

What do you love about working with ParaFed Otago and their members?

"I love the enthusiasm and pure enjoyment the athletes receive when participating in each of the different activities. Whether they are just giving it a go for the first time, or have been competing for years, the attitude they all bring creates an environment unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. None of this could have been achieved without the hard work and dedication Kelsey puts in day after day. Volunteers and athletes alike are so incredibly fortunate to have someone as passionate as Kelsey leading the programs"

What has been your own personal greatest achievement?

"Finishing Uni! In June, I completed my final university exams and I will be graduating my Physical Education and Commerce degrees later this month"

What are your sport and recreation passions?

"My greatest passion is Skiing, I’m currently working at The Remarkables as a Ski Instructor which is something I’ve been working towards for a number of years. Outside of skiing I really enjoy Waterskiing, Lacrosse and Rugby."

Most memorable moment while working for ParaFed Otago?

"My most memorable moment with ParaFed Otago was during the Adaptive Snow Sports Festival at Cardrona. Hunter and I were skiing around and managed to catch Adam Hall at the bottom of the chairlift. Hunter being his biggest fan started calling out to Adam and asking him a bunch of questions. At the top of the chairlift I asked Adam if we could follow him down for a run. Trying our best to stay in his tracks, Hunter and I were able to say we skied like Adam Hall! What made this moment so much more memorable was the excitement this brought to Hunter. That moment is what made me understand how important our role as volunteers is to help facilitate that experience in others."

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