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Volunteer of the Month: Abbey

Congratulations to our October Volunteer of the Month, Abbey Franklin for all her help over the past few months. From Snow Sports weekends to sausage sizzles and bake sales, we couldn't do what we do without your help so, thank you!! Here is a little more from Abbey: How long have you been volunteering for ParaFed Otago? "Just the last 6 months" What sports or activities have you been involved with? "I was so lucky to be part of the adaptive snow sports programme with Physed school. It was through meeting all these legends that I got involved in Wheelchair Rugby and Basketball also." What do you love about working with ParaFed Otago and their members? "The eternal optimism and positivity. All the ParaFed crew have an awesome perspective on life which is always refreshing and appreciated. Thanks for putting up with me." What has been your own personal greatest achievement? "Adaptive skiing wise? Probably attempting a trick, falling off the cat track and losing both my skis when I was out with Kiri." What are your sport and recreation passions?

"Historically, I have always been a team sport gal. Netball, Basketball, and Volleyball. More recently though, I am an outdoor convert. Surfing, skiing, climbing, paddling, you name it. Anything where I can get outdoors and spend some quality time with quality people." What has been your most memorable moment while working for ParaFed Otago? "Probably the final day of adaptive snow sports, when I was able to be part of/observe the high-performance training camp for sit skiing. It was pretty incredible to see the athletes absolutely shredding and on the pathway to the Paralympics. I could barely keep up with them. It was awesome!"

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