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First Annual ParaFed Otago Prize-Giving

On Friday 2 November ParaFed Otago held their first Annual Prize-Giving function. An amazing night was had by all, with trophies given to the Most Improved and Most Promising for each of our target sports, Boccia, Wheelchair Rugby, Wheelchair Basketball, Swimming, Athletics and Snow Sports.

Wheelchair Rugby - Most Improved: Dillon Maydon and Most Promising: Mia O'Keefe

Boccia - Most Improved: Connor Fa'asega and Most Promising: Dylan Lloyd

Wheelchair Basketball - Most Improved: Bailley Unahi (absent) and Most Promising: Jacob Phillips

Swimming - Most Improved: Hunter Edgecombe and Most Promising: Katie Short

Athletics - Most Improved: Ben Baines and Most Promising: Liam Wilson

Trophies were also awarded to the Most Improved Junior, Kirignaua Cassidy, (absent) and Most Improved Senior, Bailley Unahi, (absent) for Snowsports For Volunteer of the Year to Kirsty Gemmell (absent).

Congratulations to all those who won awards on the night and we look forward to continuing this tradition next year!

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