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Volunteer of the Month: Stephen

We would like to announce our November Volunteer of the Month, Stephen Vanderpeet. Stephen has played a big role in the ParaFed Otago Wheelchair Basketball team over the last couple of years and we would like to recognize and thank him for all his hard work. Here is a little more from Stephen;

How long have you been volunteering for ParaFed Otago?

"I have been a volunteer for Parafed Otago for the past 2 years, 2017-present."

What sports or activities have you been involved with?

"I have been involved with wheelchair basketball, training's and tournaments."

What do you love about working with ParaFed Otago and their members?

"They are a lovely bunch who make everyone feel welcome and like to get a great job done every time, along with the safety of everyone."

What has been your own personal greatest achievement?

"My own greatest personal achievement is going to India with my course and teaching many young children different ways to be physically active and to play cricket."

What are your sport and recreation passions?

"I always aimed to do my best in all sports but my passion at the moment is canoe polo and aiming to be in the top division for national league."

Most memorable moment while working for ParaFed Otago?

"My most memorable moment was playing up in Christchurch with the whole team and having a great time learning so much and playing some great basketball."

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