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Volunteer of The Month: Katie

We are bringing back Volunteer of the Month for 2019! This month we would like to recognise Katie Owen for all of her efforts over the two years she volunteered for ParaFed Otago, as well as at the Halberg Games last year. Katie now has a full time position with ParaFed Auckland and we would like to wish her all the best, I am sure we will be seeing her around soon! How long did you volunteer for ParaFed Otago?

2 years (ish).

What sports or activities have you been involved with?

Snow Sports, Adaptive Sports Coaching and the 2018 Halberg Games.

What did you love about working with ParaFed Otago and their members?

I absolutely love seeing Parafed members grow through sport. There are moments of absolute gold when working with athletes to develop their skills and to play a part (no matter how big or small) in their enjoyment and success in sport is such a privilege.

What has been your own personal greatest achievement?

Securing a full-time role within the disability sport sector at Parafed Auckland definitely has to be up there as one the greatest achievements!

What are your sport and recreation passions?

I enjoy playing and watching a variety of different sports, but Squash, Netball and Skiing are big favourites.

Most memorable moment while volunteering for ParaFed Otago?

I’m torn between two particularly stand-out memorable moments: the nail biting Boccia final at the 2018 Halberg Games and watching a Parafed member complete their first complete run on a monoski at Cardrona.

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