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2019 Wheelchair Rugby Championships

Over the past few weeks a few of our members have traveled to Palmerston North and Wellington for Round 1 and 2 of the Wheelchair Rugby Championships (WRC). Like last year, our athletes combined with Christchurch to make two competing teams, with two of our members on each. Kelsey and Kirsty (one of our amazing volunteers and WCR coach) also traveled to these tournaments to learn to officiate. Round One: Palmerston North

Three of our members flew to Palmerston North on June 14 -16 for a weekend full of hard hits and big excitement. Each team played a total of six games over three days, the results of which decided the standings for Round Two of the tournament. Both teams played well, with Canterbury Black winning all of their games but one against Auckland.

Round Two: Wellington

On the weekend of 19-21 July four of our members traveled to Wellington to compete in the final round of WRC. After a few hiccups on the Friday morning everyone eventually made it to Wellington in one piece. Games started bright and early on Saturday morning with both teams playing four games in total over the weekend with Canterbury Black coming out with the silver after their final game on Sunday.

(Thanks to Wayne Fisk and Marnie Scott for the photos)

The environments at these tournaments is amazing with a healthy dose of competition but also a huge feeling of camaraderie and acceptance from everyone. Overall, both tournaments were a great learning experience for everyone who attended with some considerable improvements from those who attending last year.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Canterbury Wheelchair Rugby for taking us under your wing and allowing us to join your team.

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