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WheelLanders meet the Highlanders

An amazing opportunity came across our desk at the start of last year, the chance to be the Match Day Charity for the Highlanders! However, something happened which prevented it from going ahead in 2020. Skip to 2021 however and we were all forces blazing, ready to fundraise! It started with a couple of Highlanders coming along to our WheelLanders rugby training. One player had an injured foot, so we were able to accommodate him nicely! Strapped in and gloved up, we were ready to roll! The boys had a blast in the chairs but couldn't quite keep up with some of our team. Then the following Saturday was game day! Buckets in hands we were stationed around the stadium collecting donations. We got to say on once the match started with prime seats and watch the boys play! Was an awesome opportunity for our team to meet some of their able bodied counterparts! Big thanks to the Stonelake Foundation for supporting the Match Day Charity and to the Highlanders team!!

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