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We provide sport opportunities for people in Otago who have a physical disability. We also have adaptive equipment available for our members, schools and community groups to loan and use.

Anyone of any age who has a physical disability can become a member of ParaFed Otago. To apply for a membership, fill out our online form

The types of physical disabilities included amongst our membership are impaired muscle power, impaired passive range of movement, loss of limb or limb deficiency, leg-length difference, short stature, hypertonia, ataxia and athetosis.

Friends and family of those with a physical disability can also join. We also appreciate any help we can get and value our volunteers. So, if you would like to volunteer with us, please contact our SDO Paris Skipper on 022 043 3768 or for more information.

Those with an intellectual impairment, please contact your local Special Olympics Club who may be able to offer similar services. The Lower South Island Regional Sports Coordinator for Special Olympics is Chris Moffitt. His details are 027 543 7096 or

Halberg Foundation works with schools and clubs and delivers Halberg Inclusion Trainings. This is an inclusive training course on adapting sport and recreation to include all young New Zealanders (5-21 years) in mainstream sports, recreation programmes and events. The course is to help teachers and sport developers expand knowledge and skills to deliver sporting opportunities to all. They also run the Halberg Games.

ParaFed Otago provides regular sport and recreational opportunities for those within the Otago region with a physical disability. Our work is primarily based in Dunedin, however, do cater for the entire province. We provide schools and community groups with the opportunity to experience para sport. Similar to Halberg, we also co-ordinate with existing sport and recreational groups and clubs to assist with the incorporation of people with disabilities.

One of the main differences between the two is that Halberg is strictly for those aged between 5 and 21 whereas ParaFed Otago is for all ages. This is why it can be confusing in terms of the sport delivery and club space.

Your first year of membership is free! To continue being a member, every following year is $40. This membership provides you with access to equipment, opportunities to get involved and try new sports, funding advice, and support with classification.

• Adaptive Snow Sports
• Halberg Games
• Boccia
• Wheelchair Basketball
• Wheelchair Rugby