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Parafed Otago is one of the leading regional disability sport and recreation organisations in New Zealand.

If you have always wanted to be involved in a sport or activity, but have been unsure where to start, then we are here to help you.



  • Pathway into Competitive Sports

  • Training Opportunities

  • Equipment Loans

  • Adaptive Equipment

  • Classification Advice

  • Junior Sports Club's

  • Halberg Games 

  • Awards Nominations

  • Funding Advice

  • Advocacy on Disability Issues

  • and many more


Membership Fees: $40                

Free for your first year


Membership Form 2022

ParaFed Otago 2021 Annual Report

Payment made any time in 2022 will entitle you to membership until 1 January 2023


For more information on Memberships please fill out the online membership form or alternatively fill out the attached membership document and please return your form and payment to:


Kelly Nooy, Sports Development Officer

Parafed Otago, 40 Logan Park Drive 9054      

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